Easy Fat Loss Tips

Whether you’ve been training for years or are new to working out, sometimes you need a little extra boost when it comes to losing those few extra pounds and burning that last bit of body fat.  The key is to find strategies that work in when it comes to helping you shed the excess weight quickly, easily, and permanently.  Here are a few easy tips that you can use to get over that last fat loss hurdle.  They’re easy to follow, easy to stick with, and they work.

1. Use CLA – CLA is a supplement we recommend to clients because it has myriad benefits and no drawbacks.  Essentially CLA is an antioxidant rich fatty acid that can be used to burn body fat.  What is really neat about CLA is that it can also help support – and even build – lean muscle mass.  Studies have shown that when CLA is taken over several months (and combined with training) it can have a dramatic effect on fat loss for individuals.  Males will typically see that they will lose fat around their midsection and women, while also losing fat in this region, will see more definition in their hips and legs from losing weight in this area.  The key with CLA is that you have to take it consistently and you have to exercise to optimize results.  When combined with exercise, CLA has great potential to help you sculpt your best body.  What’s more CLA is a powerful antioxidant and has anti-cancer properties when used regularly.

2. Grab a protein shake – this is one of the easiest tricks for keeping off those extra pounds.  Not only is it effective when used properly, but it’s easy to use in the first place!  Today people are busier than ever, so eating often becomes a chore.  People either just eat what they want, when they want it, or they starve themselves and then pick the wrong foods when they have a chance to eat.  This is obviously not the way to go, but the good news is that instead of trying to change all of the little habits surrounding diet, just a few little tweaks can have a big impact.  Drinking a protein shake in place of one of your meals or sipping on one throughout the day benefits you through it’s ability to keep your appetite at bay, build muscle, and burn fat – all at the same time!  The great thing about a shake is that you can consume it quickly while on the go, and it doesn’t require a whole lot of time or thought.

3. Fast intermittently - this is a very effective strategy when it comes to shedding those excess pounds, but few know about it or how to implement it.  Essentially all intermittent fasting involves is modifying eating habits so that you eat just as frequently, but take longer breaks (or mini “fasts”) between meals.  The easiest way for most people to accomplish this is by consuming all of their meals before 6pm and not consuming their breakfast the next morning until after 10am.  This allows the body to start to use stored body fat for energy, resulting in weight loss.  Typically muscle mass is maintained with this strategy and exercise can accelerate results.

4. Cut your carbs – reducing carb intake is a trick that some people have heard of but fewer know how to use.  Basically, cutting carbs is all about timing and progressing gradually.  The key is not to deprive yourself and to “try to be tough” by cutting all carbs out of your diet, but, rather to reduce certain types of carbs at certain times. Getting rid of the “bad” carbs (we all know some are worse than others), not eating as many, and only eating them when you need them are the strategies you need to employ when trying to reduce your weight, “tone” up, or build muscle.

These strategies are pretty easy and very effective.  The key is to start by using one or two of the tricks and then to add more as you go along.  If you would like more information on how you can use these tips in conjunction with personal training to achieve the best results possible, contact us today!

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Personal Trainers Scottsdale Nutrition Counseling

Personal Trainers Scottsdale creates customized nutrition plans for all of our clients.

The truth is that we could all use a little help when it comes to eating right at times.

As important as diet is when it comes to burning fat or building muscle, there are really only two things that you need to be concerned with with when it comes to nutrition.  The first consideration for clients at Personal Trainers Scottsdale is learning what to eat.  During the first several sessions, we determine what dietary changes need to be made in our clients’ daily eating habits.  In other words, we take care of this part for you.  We tell you exactly what to eat and what not to eat.

The second consideration for Personal Trainers Scottsdale clients is making sure that they actually follow the prescribed eating plan. We take care of this though because not only do we create balanced, effective meal plans for clients, but we make sure they follow through with those new plans.

So, those are the two main issues when it comes to eating right:  learning what to eat, and actually eating it (and not eating the bad stuff)  Once you do these two things – and you do them consistently – you will see results from training with us in Scottsdale.

It really is that simple.  There may be a lot of other little steps that could be included in there, but we like to break things down for clients into manageable steps as often as possible.  Everything we do with clients is part of a system that is designed to help them reach their health and fitness goals.  Our number one objective is to get our clients results, get them fast, and make sure they stick. We provide continual health and fitness support whether you’ve been training with us for a couple of days or a couple of years.

Call Personal Trainers Scottsdale today and see how easy it can be to reach your health and fitness goals!

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Personal Trainers Scottsdale Weight Loss Tips

Personal Trainers Scottsdale is incredibly proud of the weight loss that we have helped our clients achieve.  We have trained dozens of individuals with a variety of different health and fitness goals, but weight loss is very often at the top of the list.  What we also find is that many of the people who come to us have tried to lose weight but have struggled in trying to do so on their own.   Over the years we have perfected a system that not only makes weight loss possible for these people, but also easy, effective, and fast.

So, what is this weight loss strategy that we employ at Personal Trainers Scottsdale?

Actually, it’s a system, and it’s easy to understand, follow, and stick with – especially since we help you the entire time.  Once clients get started training with us, we immediately provide them with intake forms which allow them to detail all of their goals.  If weight loss is one of their objectives, we sit down and talk with them about several of the strategies we employ to help them achieve safe and rapid weight loss.  Once everyone is “on the same page” we get started with the process.

While we wont’ reveal what the entire weight loss system that we use is, we will mention a few basic tips that we use to help clients see incredible results.  Listed below are several approaches we use when it comes to helping our weight loss clients see quick and lasting weight loss through our personal training in Scottsdale.

1.  Graded Exercise - this one might seem obvious but it is very important.  Let’s explain.  Depending on what level of fitness our new clients start with, once we establish their baseline fitness level, we create a periodized workout routine that maps out how the training will progress for clients to see the best results possible.  The key is to have the exercise be graded or, rather, gradually make the workouts more challenging over time.  This allows our Scottsdale personal training clients to experience quick, and sustained results without burning out, getting injured, or losing interest.

2. Gradual Diet Modifications - we have found that clients achieve better results from Personal Trainers Scottsdale when they follow a specific, individualized eating plan.  We do not like the word “diet” but instead prefer to impart to clients the idea that making changes to their eating habits over time – ones that will stick – is the best strategy.  Our goal is to coax diet related changes so that the client doesn’t burn out or abandon the approach before it has time to become effective.  A big benefit of this method is that clients typically end up following these new diet habits for the long haul.

3. Making Personal Training Fun - Personal Trainers Scottsdale doesn’t just want you to get results; we want you to get results as quickly as possible and we want you to enjoy the process.  Why is this?  It’s simple.  We have found that when clients begin to enjoy working out and learn to be consistent with training and view it as “fun”, they are more likely to continue with us for a longer period of time.  They are also more competent when it comes to doing workouts on their in combination with personal training in Scottsdale. This means clients get better results – ones that last!

Curious about what you can do to achieve optimal weight loss?  Contact us today for your free consultation and ask about our current training specials!

Personal Trainers Scottsdale Small Group Personal Training

Personal Trainers Scottsdale can help you get fit with small-group personal training!  This has been a focus of ours at Personal Trainers Scottsdale since we started training clients because we have found that there are myriad benefits from this type of training.

So what is small group personal training?

Small group personal training with Personal Trainers Scottsdale is almost exactly the same as one-on-one or private personal training except for one simple fact: you get to train with the trainer, but also with one or more other people who also want to get fit. Very often friends and relatives love small group personal training in Scottsdale but at the same time, sometimes friends are made when people inquire about small group training and ask us to be paired up with other people interested in this style of fitness.

So what are the benefits?

Personal Trainers Scottsdale small semi-private personal training sessions off several key benefits over private personal training.

Here are a few:

1.  More accountability – if you know you have to work out with a friend or relative, you’ll be more likely to stay consistent with your training sessions and get results!

2. More motivation – friends, relatives – or even new friends you meet – help with motivation.  More positive people means a greater chance of success!

3. More fun – the small group sessions are often fast paced to maximize calorie burning.  We keep the energy levels high so you achieve the most impressive results!

4. Cheaper cost – how would you like to pay just $25 for top notch personal training sessions?  Because the price of each session is split among clients, the price is much less than you’d pay for one-on-one personal training!

Personal Trainers Scottsdale can Improve your Posture

Working with a personal trainer at Personal Trainers Scottsdale can help you improve your posture.  This may seem like a simple thing to focus on, but it can have a big impact not only on daily functioning but also in sports like golf, skiing, and others.  There are several different important elements to look at when trying to improve someone’s posture, but at the moment we’ll just go over one small but very important thing you can work on that will improve your spinal health and your fitness level too.  The great thing about the advice we are about to recommend is that, it is easy to put into action and it will not only help with general health and wellness, but in other active hobbies as well.

Oh yea, one other thing…does your lower back every get sore?

We thought so…

But that’s ok, because this little tip will help!

The personal trainers at Personal Trainers Scottsdale start with the majority of our clients on training people to produce what is called a lordotic spine, or spinal lordosis.

Ok…so what the heck is that?

Producing a lordotic spine is much easier than the name would make it sound, but it’s very important.  What it refers to is essentially having a slight arch of the lower back.  The easiest way for most people to do this is by either sticking their butt out (while standing up) or by tilting their pelvis down slightly.  Very often these too movements happen simultaneously, or one precedes the other, but the end result is the same, a slightly arched lower back (aka spinal lordosis).

So what makes it so important?

At personal trainers scottsdale, we take training this subtle movement very seriously because it is a prerequisite for doing many other bodily movements safely.  At our personal training studio in Scottsdale we focus on making sure clients have a slightly arched lower back while doing many movements that require both stability and strength.

Think about it this way: a slightly arched lower back results in a slightly extended torso which is a more solid or more rigid torso. Assuming the lower back muscles are strong enough (we work on this as well), the end result is that the torso becomes more efficient at transferring force.  Some of the this is dependent on having strong abdominals and obliques (another thing we work on), but ultimately the final product is a body that can hold steady when lifting weights, playing golf, or whatever else you throw at it. Another typical result is clients have better balance, and stability and they also become leaner.  This is a byproduct of a strong core and proper posture because both of those things not only improve daily functioning but they also improve performance during personal training sessions with us in Scottsdale.

During the initial sessions with clients at the Personal Trainers Scottsdale studio we focus on improving clients’ kinesthetic awareness in a number of ways, but becoming aware of how to produce a slight curvature of the lower spine and a slight contraction of those muscles is one of our biggest focuses.  Whether we have to train the movement separately or it just occurs naturally when you first try an exercise (as it does with some people) we will help you understand this subtle but very important little trick.

It’s just one more thing in our arsenal that we use at Personal Trainers Scottsdale to get our clients as fit, healthy, and happy as possible!

Contact us today if you would like to learn about how private or semi-private personal training can help you too!

Personal Trainers Scottsdale Improves Golf Fitness

Since our business began, Personal Trainers Scottsdale has worked with many clients who have a serious interest in Golf.  From the weekend players to the avid everyday putters, there are many people in Scottsdale who enjoy the sport.  We have been fortunate enough to work with – and help – many of these individuals in Scottsdale who have an interest in improving their golf game by improving their physical fitness.

Personal Trainers Scottsdale enjoys working with golf clients because we understand the direct relationship that fitness has on the game of golf.  If you are not physically fit – specifically, if you do not have the proper blend of endurance, mobility, flexibility, and strength, there is no way that your game will be at it’s best.  You will likely not only play under your true ability level but you will be unhappy, sore, and frustrated.  We have encountered many individuals like this and – as long as their technical skills are in place – improving their physical fitness is often the missing link.

You may not think of Golf as the most rigorous sport out there, but if you are physically fit, you’ll greatly improve your chances of becoming the best golfer you can be.

Contact Personal Trainers Scottsdale and we’ll help you get here!